Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blast from the past: Lisa Frank

In recent weeks, I've been reminded of a collection of characters and colors I'd long forgotten--those of Lisa Frank. I've been struck by memories of the colorful rainbows, unicorns, bears (like 'Hollywood Bear' above) and puppies that decorated every school supply I could get my hands on--the designs were vibrant and magical--they made the purchase of a binder exciting, the use of a notepad exhilirating. In the '80s, of course, the brand didn't include recently added characters like 'Glamour Girl'--the purple haired bobble head that looks like a hooker, likes 'getting manicures' and dislikes 'taking out the trash and camping.' But the fantastical cast of dancing bears and other magical friends were an integral part of my childhood, and one I'm glad to have remembered.

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