Saturday, January 31, 2009

My 3 favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is a great tradition of the American people. There's nothing quite like celebrating the commencement of a season of football that says 'I am patriotic. I love the United States and my fellow citizens.' The burly men, the tight pants, the cheering fans and their consumption of concessions.

I confess to being a newcomer to Super Bowl Sunday. Once, in college, I attended a friend's house party. If I remember correctly, I got stoned and ate Doritos in the kitchen. Last year, the new girlfriend of a football fan, we went to a pal's to watch the game. I read magazines and ate cheese. It was a good time. Tomorrow, I will celebrate the Super Bowl for a third time ever and, based on previous years, I look forward to my 3 favorite things about Super Bowl Sunday.




Who am I rooting for? Well...who is playing again? The Kansas City Pigeons, no? Yes, I think I'll root for them.

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