Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pictures: 'Doubt' and mildew

I can get down with quaint--the appeal of an antique, the charm of old stuff. I get it. But do you know what's not cute? Going to your first movie in months, visiting the 'quaint,' art deco-themed Regency Fairfax Cinemas and seeing this sign as you enter your screening room...

Do you know what leaking water equals, folks? It equals the smell of mildew for 124 minutes plus previews. And while I thoroughly enjoyed 'Doubt,' I may have enjoyed it even more had the smell of rot not been so prevalent. The film was recently nominated for 5 Academny Awards. Unfortuantely, I remember the theatre's odor more than I do Philip Seymour Hoffman's potentially award-winning performance.

Regarding the announcement of Viola Davis' nomination I will say this, however. She may have been good, but one scene does not an Oscar winner make. She's being lauded for her performance in the most pivotal scene of the film. But I think people may be confusing the scene--its signifcance in the storyline and the impact of its dialogue--with the actress. Davis was good, but she was good in an exceptional scene and the two should not be confused.

And P.S. - Speaking of films, should anyone be interested in seeing 'He's Just Not That Into You,' Metromix and the LA Times are hosting an advance screening next week with an intro from the director. Pick up a copy of Metromix to find the ad with RSVP information.

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