Monday, January 19, 2009

art in LA: Gregory Bojorquez's 'The Sun Rises In The East'

I was introduced to Gregory Bojorquez' work a few years ago at Lab 101 (now the Cerasoli:LeBasse Gallery) where he then shared a show with another killer LA photog, Estevan Oriol. Like Oriol, his work is mostly in black and white and mostly focuses on Latino subjects on the streets of LA.

Just wanted to share this invite from the 01 Gallery to the opening reception of Bojorquez's new exhibition, 'The Sun Rises In The East.'

I hope to see you there!

01 Gallery invites you to the opening of
The Sun Rises In The East
An exhibition by photographer Gregory Bojorquez

As a native of East L.A., Gregory Bojorquez has always found inspiration and subject matter in his community. He began photographing the neighborhoods of East L.A. in order to document the reality of the life and death extremes of the streets. This led Bojorquez to create "The Eastsiders," a photo essay on street happenings and character portraits all framed by the backdrop of East Los Angeles. This stark yet compassionate photo essay caught the attention of L.A. Weekly who began to publish his work. This soon led Bojorquez to publish in various L.A. magazines as well as develop his photography to include celebrity portraits such as Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, and many other Hollywood entertainers.

The 01 Gallery invites the public to view this unique and passionate slice of L.A. life as seen through the eyes of Gregory Bojorquez.

The 01 Gallery opens the Gregory Bojorquez exhibition in conjunction with the Chaz Bojorquez exhibition "Graff Since 69" in the adjoining main gallery. (No relation.)

The Sun Rises In The East
January 31st - March 8th, 2009

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 31st, 7 - 10 p.m.

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