Friday, March 12, 2010

Party outside the box. [The RSVP Line]

Drinking for drinking's sake is alright. I have nothing against it and occasionally, in fact, encourage it. But sometimes it's nice to drink next to someone who has more on his mind [both literally and figuratively] than cheap PBRs.

Mindshare LA, is a monthly forum for Angelenos who'd like a little learning with their liquor. And next week, the Mindshare folks will meet again and invite you to join them in an evening of talks, talking and, yes, drinking.

Next week's program will include...

David Orban / Founder, Chief Evangelist, WideTag, Inc. & Advisor, Singularity Univeristy
The Internet of Things

Matthew J. Smith / Harvard Law School
Negotiation & Mediation Afterhours

Wil Carson / Senior Project Designer, Michael Maltzan Architecture
New Questions for a New City

Emily Tyrant / Pervert Extraordinaire, Den of Iniquity
Acclimating Men to Pain

DJ'ing this month will be Joanna Gikas of IO Echo

Thursday, March 18
7 p - 1 a

Club 740
740 S. Broadway
(Enter through the alley at 8th Spring St.)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Purchase tickets online.

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