Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chambers Clothing Preview Party: tequila + VICE + rabbits' feet [We Like to Party]

Last night, we headed downtown to celebrate the launch of Chambers Clothing, the sharp looking new line of menswear from Matt Goldman (artist & promoter extraordinaire) and Devin Carlson (of Fremont Apparel). The party was held at one of Cedd Moses' (many, many) new watering holes, Las Perlas. Las Perlas is a tequila bar and, to save you the trouble of asking should you go in, they do not serve other liquors. Though they may try to make you believe that certain tequilas taste like other certain liquors. Hmm.

The Chambers collection looks incredible. Incredible enough to make me wish I was either a dude or a much larger woman so that I could sport some of the looks. Fingers are crossed for a women's line to follow...

View the Chambers Look Book.

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