Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Billboard as art, not ad. [art in LA]

Though we are all for great advertising, sometimes the billboards crowding the Los Angeles skyline all start to look alike–a mass of marketing that clouds our view of, well, of the actual clouds. Surely such prime skyline real estate could be put to better use than hocking the latest bad movie or energy drink, no?
Enter the MAK Center, a center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles who has recently launched ‘How Many Billboards?,’ a public exhibition of art using billboard as canvas. 21 artists participated in the project and their works are now on display around the city. What a refreshing change to see art above our heads instead of supermarket ads.

Angelenos may see the works on display through the end of the month.

Everyone else can see them online and in the publication to be released in May.

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Material Girl said...

I was just thinking this morning, as I drove past the it-must-be-hundreds of billboards on my way from Echo Park to Venice, what an eyesore they are... even the move to tear down many of them and sub in digital ones isn't enough to clear the landscape.

But I wouldn't mind if only they were all part of this exhibit instead....