Friday, March 05, 2010

Palm Springs: The Ace Hotel + Mods + Snow in the Desert

You like pools? You like drinking? You like desert air? You like gay men and gray haired, antique shopping retirees? Well, aren't you glad that Palm Springs is just a hop, skip and a drive East along the 10 away from Los Angeles.

As an Ace Hotel aficionado (I love the NY location and you remember my recent Seattle stay), there was no other place we would have lodged when we headed to the desert a few weekends ago for the dual birthday celebrations of the BFFs than the Ace Hotel Palm Springs.

It happened to be Modernism Week in PS which meant airstreams and retro-styled hotel guests. But save a few funny folks, the hotel was it's usual Ace style awesomeness. Except with two pools and a hot tub. Score.

Planning a trip to Palm Springs soon (Coachella, perhaps)? Don't miss out on the Palm Springs Tramway. A five minute ride in the tram and you're 8,000 + feet up a mountain and in SNOW. Yes, SNOW. Granted, we stayed inside and enjoyed the concessions area and gift shop for longer than we did the freezing temperatures outside. But still, snow in Palm Springs?! Well worth the trip up.


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