Friday, January 28, 2011

simplethings. Sandwiches that are anything but simple.

The other day a friend told me about a new cafe on West 3rd Street. This cafe supposedly served a sandwich that offered a Thanksgiving meal between 2 slices of bread. While turkey and gravy is not on my list of vegetarian 'acceptable' items, the ingenuity of the meal did not escape me.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to visit this sandwich innovator, simplethings sandwich and pie shop,  myself. The new restaurant recently took over one of West 3rd's shuttered storefronts. The restaurant that was there previously was not very good and its name is unimportant now (also, I cannot remember it). What is important is ohmygoodness how amazing the new lunch spot on one of my fave LA streets is. While I'm usually not one for sandwiches, there was no way I could not try the Sweet Potato--a revolutionary new meal that pairs carb (grilled sweet potato) with more carb (pretzel roll, mmmmmmm), throws in some sweet thangs like apples and onions and avocado, and creates the most sensational burst of flavor in my mouth. Ever (or in a very long time).

Next time I head over to simplethings I'll be munching on the Vegan Po Boy. Partially cause I love tofu. But mostly cause I like saying 'po'--it makes me feel sassy. And I'll also be eating pie. Cause it's a pie shop after all. And when in Rome...

simplethings sandwich and pie shop
8310 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA

[Image via simplethings.]

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Amber Avines said...

Thanks for the restaurant suggestion, Jessie! I'll have to check that place out someday soon.