Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How I stalked a single by Mister Brett Dennen.

I discovered Brett Dennen (...scrap that--I hate when people say 'I discovered.' We didn't discover sh*t. If we discovered sh*t, we'd be in A&R and making money. And we don't work in A&R. And we're certainly not making money. So, to rephrase, I realized my major love for Brett Dennen...) when I heard the same snippet of his song, Blessed, played over and over again via a Hilton Hotel advertisement on Hulu.com a few years back. I realize this is the second blog post in a row where I make mention of my avid TV watching. You can either judge or we can just keep it moving. Keep it moving? Okay, thanks, cause I know you've got an addiction to crime dramas and Bravo reality TV too. So, a few years ago, I have Brett Dennen's song drilled into my head until I absolutely/must/life-or-death-kind-of-thing, download it on iTunes.

Skip to last week. I hear a song on KCRW while driving. And as my Blackberry is dying and I always email myself lyrics of songs I love on the radio (yes. While driving. I email. I knooooow. But we've already agreed to a judgement free zone here. So, moving on...) I dig an envelope out of my bag, unearth a pen from the pit of my car, and jot down a few words here and there. For Googling later. Well, several days and before I've had the chance to remember I even had an envelope with words on it (or a check inside waiting to be deposited) later, I hear the song again. And this time the DJ announces its owner so to speak--a Mister Brett Dennen. Whatdyaknow! I say to myself. And this time I vow to Google. Like immediately. And download (with same immediacy).

Skip again to several days later still (cause 'immediately' holds all sorts of its own meaning in my universe) and I take to searching the iTunes Store for Mister Dennen's latest and greatest song that I must own, like, yesterday. I listen through each and every preview on his new album. And though the new album's fine and all, none of the songs are a match. Sh*t! I say to myself. And I Google some more. Cause there is nothing and no one I cannot Google my way to the bottom of (keep this in mind for later stalking assignments, friends and readers). And I search for 'KCRW Brett Dennen 2011.' And long story really (really freaking) long, I find the track listed on a recent Morning Becomes Eclectic playlist. Sydney, it's called! But it's 'promo only,' it says! Damn, I think.

So, in a last attempt at conquest over this new song I search again. And while the best I could come up with is this promo video of Brett in the studio 'overdubbing tambourine and some cymbal' onto the track which you see above, it is pretty darn sufficient for now. And dare I say, seeing Mr. Dennen in all his magnificent nerdiness--overmatched rainbow ensemble, glasses my grandfather left at Salvation Army 50 years ago and my mother would so desperately want to clean, red mop of hair beneath trucker hat--only adds to my love for this artist that I've stalked once, I've now stalked twice, and, if history shows anything, I'll stalk again.

P.S. The album, Loverboy, that you'll be able to find Sydney on is due out in 2011.

P.P.S. Yes, Brett Dennen's label publicist, I would absolutely love tickets to Mr. Dennen's next LA show in exchange for this glowing and unsolicited ramble. Thanks.


Travis said...

Dude, I'm on the same journey as you. I heard this song on Morning Become Eclectic last week and I've been trying to track it down every since!

I was streaming the radio program, so I managed to listen to it 10-20 times before kcrw removed that days broadcast.

Jessie B. R. said...

Travis--so nice to find an equally fanatic individual (and I mean 'fanatic' in the healthiest of ways, naturally).

Anonymous said...

I discovered Mister Dennen thanks to "Comeback Kid" played on Morning Becomes Ecclectic! Here's one tip: next time you're stalking a track you heard on MBE, try their playlist ;-) it's at http://newmedia.kcrw.com/tracklists/ and there's a search function you can use to look up On Air or Ecclectic 24 playlists from the archive by date or by dj. If you know what time you heard the track, it'll help you find it even faster. happy listening!