Monday, January 17, 2011

I just wanna love you Z Pizza.

I just think we need to take a moment to give props where props are due. And Z Pizza deserves our props.

Reasons why we should all love Z Pizza:

* Pizza toppings, sauces and accouterments on the menu include truffle oil, thai peanut sauce, veggie burger, and yams (yes, yams!).

* Options for dietary freaks like me include vegan cheese and a gluten free crust.

* You can order your food ahead online. Like, hours ahead. Days ahead even! Like, I could order a pizza now for tomorrow morning if I wanted to eat pizza for breakfast tomorrow morning. Which I don't. But, ya know, I might some day.

* There's a location on Larchmont, which is just my favoritest street in all of Los Angeles.

Z Pizza
123 North Larchmont
Los Angeles CA, 90004

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