Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday bliss, LA style.

According to, it's currently 79 degrees in Los Angeles. Let's just accept that as a truth and a basis for everything else about today.

Now that we understand that it's warm (read gorgeous) out, let's walk together through the perfect day that was [and is and will be for a while] today.

9:30 a. Wake up late. If feel a bit sad that a wake up time prior to 10 am now constitutes a 'late' rise, but ce la vie--we're not in college anymore I guess. The internal clocks just don't work like they used to.

10:00 a. Read the NY Times' Weddings & Celebrations section. This is Sunday ritual. I'd like to confirm in case you don't know that this is perfectly normal and healthy behavior for a girl in her late 20s and not a cry for single help. I just like the romance. Today, I read and feel a little bit bad for Patience, one of the featured brides, who keeps referring to her now husband Sam as 'popular.' I hope that her weird high school status issues don't haunt her marriage and wish them luck.

10:45 a. Decide that a nap is not a good idea just an hour after I woke up and opt to go to yoga instead. I also decide walking might be fun given the awesome, amazing, inspired (are you getting this New Yorkers??) weather we are having in LA this weekend.

11:00 a. With just half an hour before class time and a 2 mile walk from Koreatown to Larchmont ahead, I book it. As it's sunny and hot out already, I break a sweat in just a tank top.

11:30 a. Class with Amy LaFond, one of YogaWork's best and most popular teachers. Amy's classes are always tight and even tighter post-New Year when everyone's returned to their workout routine as part of some so-called resolution. I secretly hope that everyone's resolutions are forgotten by February. But our mats are close and I am glad I wore deodorant.

1 p. I stroll through the Larchmont Farmer's Market. Since I'm already here and all. I eat samples of scones and fruit and I do it with no intention to buy anything and I feel okay about it.

1:15 p. I've seen enough young couples and their babies and their dogs and their yoga mats on Larchmont for one day. I remember I walked 2 miles to class today. I realize that means I have to walk 2 miles home. What goes up must come down. What goes on feet somewhere must go on feet back. Unless she's a hooker and catches a ride. But I'm not. So I walk.

2 - 5 p. I wash dishes. I clean floors. I sit around in my studio in not much at all and don't run somewhere fast or run errands or call anyone. The light is still coming in through the shades and I read. I lie around and I'm happy about it cause I need this some Sundays.

That's Sunday in LA people. That's Sunday bliss right there. Booya!

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