Saturday, July 31, 2010

Savor Los Angeles. You were too good to me.

Last night marked the first of yet another tasting event in Los Angeles. But this one, I'm pleased to announce was all about the good stuff--sugary, coma-inducing, good stuff. That's right my friend--an entire tasting event dedicated to dessert. Because why bother with dinner, when you can skip straight to frosted, oozing, sweet desserts.

I had about 15 minutes to get in and out of Savor Los Angeles and thanks to my early arrival before the masses of hungry people had arrived, I was able to hit up every single table. From Babycakes, the new downtown bakery that serves up gluten free and vegan treats, to Plasir whose cheesecake cream puff I did not realize was a cream puff and exploded all over my hand, to the cute, tatted baristas of Intelligentsia (yes, I'm referring to them and not their coffee)--all the samples were too generous and left with me with a sugar high that [I can only imagine] rivals the quick high and fall of a crack pipe. (Correct--I just compared cream puffs and brownie bites to crack cocaine.)

Though I was armed only with a sad, flash-less camera phone, below are the memories of my 15 minutes in heaven.

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