Thursday, July 15, 2010

Go See: In The Heights at the Pantages

Do you remember the first time you saw someone you knew from high school in the newspaper? Or an old college buddy's face on the news? There's that mixed emotion of pride, happiness and then slight queasiness as you remember that you are still living in a studio apartment earning just above livable wages at a job that will review you annually and serves stale pastries in the cafeteria. And didn't you and the wall street tycoon on the cover of WSJ graduate the same year?!

Well, a few years ago, when I was back in New York, I looked up in the subway to see an old college acquaintance's face lining the interior of the MTA's A train. Lin Manuel Miranda hadn't yet won a Tony for what had started as a project back at our Alma Mater, Wesleyan University, but In The Heights had just made it to Broadway. And I felt all the pride and the happiness but somehow none of the impending nausea. This had been a great show at school. My friends had raved. They had sung the songs after. And there was no nicer person to be at the helm.

Now, a few years later still, In The Heights is on tour and in Los Angeles. I went to see the show last night, and though Musical doesn't generally fall under my top 5 genres of entertainment, the show is incredible. From the hip-shaking Latina salon owners who offer comic relief to the serious issues of immigration and dreams fulfilled and personal struggle, this show kicks other musicals' asses.

It's at the Pantages til July 25th. Go, go, go.

Tickets are available on the show's site. Or cheaper through Goldstar for select dates.

Tip: Nearby restaurant Delphine at the W Hollywood was quick. And delicious. And hosts an array of good looking servers. Eat there first.

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