Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vows. I'll start with someone else's.

I've been meaning to jot down a list of resolutions of sorts. Things that have been floating around in my well-intended head. Like improving my well-being. And telling people how I feel when I feel it. And making more time for the important things. Thus far, I have not been able to make the time to make this list. So, I've got some things to work out.

But as luck would have it, I came across this blog post by David Karp--young, skinny lad and also the founder of Tumblr. And while I don't encourage stealing other people's vows, sometimes when you don't have time to create your own, it helps to start with someone else's.

Life Improvements

Things I’ve changed this year:
  1. added a bunch of mail filters.
  2. I don’t use a computer at home. I keep an eye on my Inbox (and occasionally browse the web) with my iPad.
  3. We don’t turn our TV on unless we’re watching something with undivided attention.
  4. We replaced all of our big squishy furniture with smaller, more designed, mid-century inspired pieces. After returning from Japan, all of our old furniture looked and felt ridiculous.
  5. I carry less. I replaced my wallet with a money/card clip that’s small enough for my front pocket. I reduced my keychain to two keys (home and office) zip tied together. I don’t carry headphones anymore, because…
  6. I listen to much less music. Music (and film) can have a noticeable emotional effect on me. I decided my music was encouraging emotions I didn’t care for, namely anticipation, aggression, and self-admiration.
  7. I’ve been trying to cook more. Even though cooking is impossible.
  8. I’ve been eating much better. I had already given up coffee and soda a couple years ago, but Rachel’s made some improvements. :)
  9. I’ve been going to bed before midnight. And usually waking up before 10AM on weekends.
  10. I unsubscribed from Google Alerts. Way too much noise to be useful.
  11. I’ve been much more disciplined in avoiding and ignoring pointlessly negative voices. I’m lucky that it doesn’t happen often, but when I catch someone being particularly nasty to me, I use it as a cue to do something nice for someone I love.
  12. I’ve thrown out almost everything. My media cabinet is finally in order, with a modem, AirPort, Mac Mini, Xbox, and a few remotes. My closet now contains about 20 AA t-shirts, socks, boxer briefs, 12 collared shirts, 4 Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, 3 suits, a tie rack, some bags, and some shoes. I have 9 books on my shelf, 3 cameras, and a small box of miscellanea. I live with a chef, so I have no idea what the fuck is in my kitchen — except for my Ove Glove. Having stuff blows. Liquidity is the new luxury!
[Excerpt pasted in its entirety from the blog of David Karp.]

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