Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Year of Moods of Norway in LA [Photo Gallery]

In college, most of my friends went abroad to Spain or Italy or took more noble ventures to the likes of Burma and Tibet. Well, I had fantasies of the amazing health care system and fancy accents of Norway. This pipe dream lasted until I found out that the country was dark for half the year and had an alarming rate of weather-related suicides. Oh, and until I picked up the Norwegian 101 textbook from the library. That language is not something one can just 'pick up' as it turns out.

Lucky for me, and all of us really, three young designers from the little town of Stryn, Norway started Moods of Norway and brought it to Robertson Blvd. last year. And for a country that's so dark, these guys and their collection of women's and menswear are surprisingly colorful.

Pictures from the brand's one year anniversary party (and yes, that's a golden tractor)...

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