Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hollywood's newest watering hole: MyStudio. [Life in clubLAnd]

From the folks (and when I say folks, I mean David Judaken) who brought you MyHouse and East and [long, long ago in the time when club-going dinosaurs ruled Hollywood] Garden of Eden, there is now MyStudio in the space that once housed Mood. Like MyHouse, MyStudio will confuse your friends. 'Where are you going,' they'll ask. 'To MyStudio,' you'll answer. 'But we surely can't all fit inside your studio,' they'll quip. And the Abbott & Costello routine will go on for another moment before you all realize you're talking about the chic new lounge on Hollywood Boulevard with the amazing library in front and sexy VIP booths along every wall, not to mention an incredible bubble chandelier that hangs above the main bar. It would better be illustrated with a picture, but photography was off limits last night at the industry opening event, and so a few choice words: bubbles/light source/outstanding is all I can offer to portray its awesomeness.

Though there's little photographic evidence of my adventure, there will always be the memories of the mashed potato bar. Oh. My. Good. Lord. It was good.

I was allowed this picture of the new venue's executive staff, however. And what a good looking bunch they are...
Partner & Director of VIP/Promotions, Tony Daly, Events Director, April Luca, and Handsomest Man on Hollywood Boulevard, Bernardo.

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