Friday, August 27, 2010

Free wifi with a side of coffee & a Jesus sighting.

In my new life as a freelancer, aka a coffee shop-hopping/free wifi-seeking traveling ninja, it's been a fun game of sorts to find new places to camp out at that are not my studio apartment in Koreatown.

As I come across LA's freelancer-friendly gems, I'll share 'em with you.

You're welcome.

Whole Foods - Fairfax & 3rd

I know what you're thinking. Who wants to work from a supermarket. Well, I do. And you might too. Whole Foods has got comfortable and plentiful seating. Inside and out. A cafe. A salad bar for lunch. And people watching for eons.


* Feeling frugal? Just pick up a large Whole Foods brand water for under a dollar.
* On Wednesdays, the generally overpriced salad bar is discounted.
* Sit in the 'West Wing' if possible because a) calling it the West Wing will make you feel pretentious and overinflated, and b) sometimes the 'East Wing' attracts the 'crazy people.' And by 'crazy people' I mean homeless people who bicker over table territory and actors reading lines.


* Power outlets are not aplenty. In fact, there may not be any at all.


* Jesus hangs out here. You know Jesus. He's the long-haired, bearded dude who walks Sunset Boulevard at night wearing a long white smock and occasionally dons a cane. Well, apparently he eats organic. He's also got a MacBook Pro. And possibly a younger girlfriend. Who woulda thought.

* Sometimes you'll think there are hookers shopping here. They are not hookers. They're just near middle aged women trying to hold onto their youth with neon short skirts and clear plastic heels.

* The pastry guy asked me out. Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you. But I've got an ego to uphold. And not much to feed it. So give me a moment to gloat about the pastry guy, will you? Okay...I feel better now.

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