Monday, August 09, 2010

Tie-Dye Nails. Cause sure, this is a good use of our time.

Nail trends are coming and going faster than girls take their dresses off at prom these days. From gels to airbrush to Lindsay Lohan's micro-profanities, nails are the latest canvas for personal expression.

So, on Friday night, after a few cocktails and a diminished common sense, my good friend and comrade, Renee, convinced me to scotch tape all my digits and dip them into polish-splattered water, creating what's apparently the newest DIY nail fad--tie-dye nails.

I'll tell you this much about our results. Each nail is certainly 'different.' And by different, I mean 'special.' And by 'special,' I mean a little 'funny.' But they photograph well.

And here they are...


Mary/Mearii said...

SICK! I love it.

renravenous1 said...

just wait jessie, i'm about to do it to my nails so we can be matchy matchy this week. :)