Friday, November 20, 2009

Children I would give away include killers, crazies and poorly styled teens

Alyssa Bustamante happily qualifies on all three counts.

I adore children and like to say I will love my own no matter what. That I'll be tolerant of their quirks, their insecurities and their potential [god-forbid] slovenliness.

But c'mon. Could no one see a psychotic adult brewing in this Alyssa girl?

Mine or not, I would've seen it coming. I would've marched that bad hair and those crazy eyes outta my house. I would've taken this kid where the sun don't shine and thrown away the key.

As it stands, no one did deal with this 'situation,' otherwise known as a 15 year old psychopath. And she killed a six year old neighbor girl in October. One who wasn't out of her mind and I'm sure would've grown up quite nicely.

Making Alyssa Bustamante No. 1 on the list of kids I'd give away.

[via Gawker]

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