Friday, November 13, 2009

Food Find: AOC and its rhyming deal nights.

AOC is new to no one in LA [but me]. Well, foodies and friends, I've finally eaten there. On Wednesday night I dined in the much-raved-about West 3rd Street wine bar and tapas restaurant with friends, old and new--Alberta Ferretti's PR maven, WWD's bestest retail editor, a fabulous LA newbie, and a bonafide Navy Seal--we were like a motley Veteran's Day crew of veteran fashionistas and, well, real veterans.

The service: Awesome. Our waiter helped us to select 12 tapas, meaty and veggie, as we were all a bit too fatigued to comb through the extensive menu of small plates ourselves.

The food: Good. I don't want to say fabulous. There were mushrooms in at least one of the veggie dishes after all (I loathe mushrooms nearly as much as I loathe poverty in Africa). But it was definitely on the good to great scale.

The verdict: Pricey, but tasty. I'd return. In fact, I'd be very interested to return for the restaurant's 'Flights & Bites on Monday Nights' evening of $12 flights and $8 bites. Not just because I like marketing taglines that rhyme. But also because my wallet may not be able to handle a return to AOC under any other circumstance.

8022 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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SellingVintage said...

Been dying to try it - thanks for the "flights and bites" tip!