Sunday, June 14, 2009

Victory and Pride. Apparently in LA.

Today was an LA kind of day. Almost every resident within the county was celebrating something--whether it be gay pride, the Lakers' big win, or the sun finally showing its face through the recent curtain of June gloom. But somehow, I missed it all--the parading drag queens, the rioting fans in gold and purple--I managed to outrun the excitement. Somehow I made it through my day with nary a homosexual or sports fan in sight. And I feel like I missed out. Like somehow a city that's so big, a resident could escape all the action, isn't a city at all.

But yet I'm a resident here. I'm nearing my fourth year, in my second car, and about to sign a lease on a third apartment. There's no longer any denying that I'm an Angeleno. Forever or just for another year, for good or bad--I'm here and I may as well embrace it. So, huge congrats to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. March on, ye drag queens, fabulous gays, and straight girls of West Hollywood. Next time, just remind me to join the party.

[Photo Credits: LA Times]

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