Friday, June 05, 2009

Food Find: Loteria Grill

Downtown just wasn't good enough for my coworker Uriel and I today. In an effort to expand our culinary horizons beyond Cesar Chavez Avenue, we ventured into Hollywood for lunch at Loteria Grill, the second outpost of a restaurant best known for its Farmers Market origins, and named after Loteria, the Mexican game of chance. I had had the pleasure of meeting Chef and Owner of Loteria Grill, Jimmy Shaw, during his memorable appearances at our Travel Show in February. But I hadn't yet tasted the real Mexican magic from his kitchen.

My dining mate and I started out with 'Queso Panela a la Plancha con Nopalitos.' I cannot translate this for you exactly. But imagine a square of awesome cheese. Topped with cactus. Topped with salsa and guacomole. Perhaps this is not as spectacular sounding as it tastes. But trust me. It's pretty freaking spectacular.

Next, Chef sent out
the 'Chicharron de Queso,' which can pretty much be summed up with the below picture of a towering cone of crispy, fried cheese. Salty and amazing.

While we didn't get around to drinks--though our waitress did ask us if we were having a 'wet lunch'--the bar can only be described as fully stocked.

And I plan on returning soon for some more awesome Fried Cheese on a Plate accompanied by a Tequila-Something-or-Other. It all sounds delightful in Spanish, I promise.

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