Monday, June 22, 2009

The RSVP Line: Brand X Celebrates L.A. in Short at LAFF

Brand X, the new weekly pub from the LA Times, is celebrating the 9 winners of its L.A. in Short Video Competition this Friday night at the Los Angeles Film Festival. And you're invited.

If my being there is not enough, here are 5 additional reasons you should join me...

1. Music selections will be courtesy of one of the competition's judges, Nic Harcourt, LA Magazine's Editor at Large.

2. Drinks are on me from the open bar.

3. Film gets you hot.

4. You'll have the chance to view the winning entries and cast your vote for the contest's Grand Prize Winner--an honor and an obligation you'd be a real a**hole to miss.

5. Westwood's not that far away. I promise.

L.A. in Short Celebration
Los Angeles Film Festival -
ZonePerfect live.create.lounge
1028 Westwood Blvd. (between Kinross and Weyburn)
Westwood, CA 90024
(Get directions here)

Send your RSVP to

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