Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gmail goes to Autopilot. I get lasier. And apparently stupider.

Logging into Gmail this morning I found a friendly note from the still-Beta email service letting me know that Gmail now provides an 'Autopilot' service. If you can't read the sections I've highlighted above, it states that Gmail Autopilot by CADIE...
  • automatically manages [my] inbox better than [I] can, with zero effort from [me]
  • automatically send[s] the right reply
  • Manage[s] Relationships
  • [is] just like [me], but automated
So, in other words, I've now got a machine that can communicate 'just like me' but better. Should I be happy? Terrified? Well, I Google this new product to find out more. And find out that Autopilot is a big, bloody prank for gullible morons like myself.

Happy April Fools Day to you too, ya big sack of techy expletive!

1 comment:

lumiere said...

haha i would have freaked out myself! to think robots and computers have started to take over the world!