Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sounds: Chester French - Full Length Album. Free Download.

Some of you may remember Chester French from their live performance at our pool party last summer at the W. The young boy band (they probably wouldn’t like the categorization), fresh out of college and onto the music circuit has been on the up and up since graduating from the Ivy League just a few years ago—debuting at SXSW ’08, making the rounds with mentor Pharrell, marrying socialites from the UK (still enjoying your green card, Peaches Geldof??), and now releasing their full length album, produced by Clinton Sparks.

Download 'Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance' now to give CF a listen and check out cameos by Pharrell, Janelle Monae, Talib Kweli, Lady Gaga and more notable and new names.

The skits that come between almost every song get a little hokey and prove an unnecessary bridge between tracks, but...they're trying. And what more can you ask from two white boys under 25.

Winning cameo: The Mad Rapper's skit on the album.

Losing cameo: Song 'Ciroc Star' featuring Diddy. Seriously Diddy?! You made the kids promote Diddy-owned liquor brand Ciroc on their debut album to get you on board?! C'mon now. That's low.

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