Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's pouring.

When it rains it pours. Even in sunny California where rain is as common as brunettes. Five weeks in to the LA experience, and it's officially pouring. And, because this is me and I'm never prepared, I haven't got a damn metaphorical umbrella. Which has left me knee deep in a flood of silly cocktail parties, plans with friends-new and old, more work than I know how to handle, and far too little sleep to properly face the challenges. On the flip side, I'm the happiest I've been since I arrived--smiling all day and running around giddy like a bloody 15 year old, forcing everyone in the office to join in on the antics. I've got girls gushing about new loves, the crankiest of bosses smiling for the first time and everyone eating chocolate. (This may also be an aftereffect of no sleep and too much Diet Cola.)

In other exciting LA news:

* I have seen the valley for the first time. I made it over the hill on Tuesday night. And yes, I came back to tell the tale. And no, I do not see why anyone lives over there.

* I received a copy of Holly Roninson Peete's book, "Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game! : A Woman's Guide to Loving Pro Football," as LA Confidential magazine thought the book was a worthy cause for a party this week. So, for all you ladies who are just dying to learn the game. From Holly's pink-riddled paperback. And I know there's a large demographic of you. Um. Yeah. You can have my copy.

* Hillary Duff celebrated her 18th birthday last night at Mood in Hollywood. While there may not be as many collegiate males creaming their pants across the country as on the Olsen twins' big day, huge names came out to celebrate the Hilster's milestone. Like, well, her boyfriend and sister. Check out pictures from the totally rocking party of young Hillary, her younger friends and her older, pedophilic boyfriend.

Off to Santa Monica for work errands. Nothing says good morning like an airport hangar.

West Coast Word of the Day: aphorism. 'a-f&-"ri-z&m.
1 : a concise statement of a principle
2 : a terse formulation of a truth or sentiment : ADAGE
I could offer many aphorisms to you, but I will spare you.

Hoping your week's as spastic as mine * Jessie


larry said...

when you say you don't know why anyone lives over there [the valley] i can only infer that you're illuding to a "what the fuck?" sentiment. before you write it off entirely, i'd like to say this: ventura boulevard {which spans the valley all the way from univeral city/studio city to sherman oaks and encino} has a lot to offer. I, too, would probably have the same sort of outlook as you do, but having worked over the hill for the entire duration of my tenure in L.A. I have noticed that there are a slew of amazing restaurants, cafes, boutiques, spas and the like, so before you decide to make blanket statements like "I do not know why anyone lives over there", consider the fact that because real estate is so high with relatively little turnover, there must be something that captivates the weatlhy audience. and it's not lack of taste. although you'll find that too. but you'll find that anywhere in L.A. I suggest you explore it a little more with an open mind.

Los Angeles: a strange and unsober journey said...

Thanks for your point Shannon. I actually was commenting on the distance from central LA and not the quality of life there. But yes, I should definitely explore the area more.

And I can only infer that when you wrote "illuding," you meant "alluding."

Cheers * Jessie

larry said...

you inferred are the magic that keeps the sky up above the ground....

Los Angeles: a strange and unsober journey said...

And you are the wind beneath my wings.

* j