Monday, October 03, 2005

A moment of silence.


Promises were made by houses in hills surrounded by warm winds.
Journeys followed and hearts were swallowed by oceans and hemispheres.
They dreamed of life and never death,
for death it seemed was for the poor and frivolous.

Cold gusts of hard air would come soon though
as it always does.
And death would follow too in its steel-suited armor.
The light would dim once again on the hills by the water.
And Paris would dance off drunk on last hoorahs unto the night.

** "For My Sister" is a poetic interpretaion of Paris Hilton and Paris Lastis' disengagement which I will mourn for a very long time. Or until I remember that they each are left, loveless as they may be, with more money than I may ever dream about. At which point, I may just throw up and plunge myself into deep depression. Or into the oven. Whichever.

*** Poem should be recited with Bette Midler's love anthem, You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings, playing faintly in the background. Accompanying interpretive dance is suggested and encouraged, but not required.

Wishing everyone an easy time of mourning. And remember, with tears comes the making of a new tomorrow. Stay strong. If not for yourself, than for Paris...and Paris.

* Jessie

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