Monday, September 26, 2005

Damn you Blogpost. Damn you!

This post is dedicated to the unborn child of the pregnant lady on line in front of me at Von's supermarket tonight. That baby has interesting times ahead to look forward to. I will say no more. (There is a marginal possibility that said lady was just oddly shaped and not, in fact, with child.)

[I just wrote a FANtastic recap of my last four days which we have all just lost from the history books due to a Blogspot server error. So, we can all blame this website for my current urge to shoot myself in the foot and for the tears which I am quite sure you must be shedding right now at the news of this loss. I will recap below, but please note that there were many fascinating points made and lessons to be learned that you will now suffer the absence of. Mourning period begins tomorrow at sunup.]

LACMA + C magazine + Gallery pARTy: Wine. Confusion at function of party. Too many partners. Wine. Judge people. Smoke cigarette. Wine.
Domino magazine + H.D. Buttercup party: Wine. Home furnishings. Freebies. DJ AM looking awkwardly juxtaposed to throw pillows and vintage inspired shelving. Wine.
The Falcon: Bad, bad taste at bad, bad club. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Spider Club at Avalon: Drink. Impressed by lack of urge to throw up at site of crowd. Dance. Drink. Good times.

Daytime: Bed. Lunch. Bed. Thoughts of productivity. Bed. Bed. Bed.
Keds/Mischa Barton Party: Mischa. Shit brown dress. Flat Keds sneakers. Me. Hotter.

LA POV State of the Arts: Conference at Pacific Design Center. Bad--tall, blond actress playing tall, blond actress. Badly. Fan-fucking-tastic: Norton Wisdom--live action painter. Large canvas, water spray, brush, finger, five minutes = tremendous painting of nude woman with monsters eating her pussy.
Evening: Thoughts of work tomorrow. Bad. Bad. Bad.

West Coast Word of the Day: serendipitous. "ser-&n-'di-p&-t&s. As in: My roommate ate my candy. I wrote accusatory memo. Candy found. Oops. But now I can eat candy. Freakin' serendipitous.

And so my weekend went. And so you lost out on the fascinating details. (How unfortunate for those of you who might have found an everlasting place on the internet through mention in this blog.) Or, conversely, you may just have narrowly escaped a rather boring and overly worded description of four days of my life. (How serendipitous for you.)

Til the next time, signing off * Jessie


larry said...

you skimped on the fixings...

Los Angeles: a strange and unsober journey said...

Oh believe me. They were there before they became a casualty in a timed out internet session. I can remind you privately later though if you'd like.

* j

larry said...

yes, please do. and may i say your use of the word serendipitous is poor at best.

Los Angeles: a strange and unsober journey said...

Wait, let me try again. Serendipitous. Shannon narrowly avoided getting his ASS kicked after his last comment. How f-ing serendipitous for him.

* j

larry said...

The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. that's serendipitous. the fact that you will save me an ass-kicking is something other than serendipitous. not quite sure what it is...