Thursday, September 08, 2005

So it's NOT all about me?

It's been more than two and a half weeks since I moved to sunny Los Angeles. Time enough, I'd say, to emerge from the haze of transition. Time, in other words, to remove my head from my rectum and take note of other (potentially more significant) things that are happening in the greater world today. Whether that translates into the disaster that ravaged lives just last week or something so trivial as the opening of a new restaurant, I acquiesce, from hereon in, to discussion of matters not [wholly] about me.

This is not a promise, mind you, for serious political commentary, because...well...I just don't do stuff like that. I read the news as far as the NYTimes online headlines incent me to. Some days, I won't even make it as far as the bottom of the homepage. On a good day (when the NYT edit staff has lured me in with some particularly catchy titles, I'll click through to read a few articles. [Often those in the Fashion section]. I used to watch CNN, but cable's not an option in my new LA-livin' easy lifestyle. This honest tidbit of insight into my ignorance of things relevant, critical and/or newsworthy was not an invitation for critique, but rather an acknowledgment of a miseducation (or lack of education) that in turns serves as a disclaimer for topics that will NOT be discussed in depth in this forum.

Also not to be focused on are fashion trends, technology or celebrity gossip. Gossip of a more familiar kind, namely about myself, might be shared however on a fairly regular basis. Yes, I'm aware of my having just said that this was no longer to be all about me, but I now modify that earlier said statement and reproduce as "I will not be so self-reflective" in future entries. I qualify all opinions, dirt and ramblings as extensions of me, and therefore permissible.

On that note, I present, after much hyped introduction (focusing very much on ME and really nothing else), my first published thought following this blog's theme of Los Angeles discoveries and also the newly instituted guidelines stated above.......drumroll.......

My first LA food review: The fast food franchise which has swept the West Coast, Baja Fresh, seems to me overrated, underspiced and with poor execution shall I say...flavor. Granted I'm a vegetarian and am currently enforcing other ridiculous eating restrictions on myself, creating limited menu options and in sum very little credibility as any sort of judge of food. But the tostada salad (sans the meat, of course) just didn't do it for me. And I've given it multiple chances, following the pattern of those great leaders before I who faced an abhorrence and returned several times again with the hopes of facing a more positive if not completely desirable circumstance. (By leaders of course, I mean Pavlov's untrained dogs.) In conclusion, while I did not find a Baja Fresh salad for lunch to be nearly as bad as the reception of electric shocks, I was not entirely pleased. I could have gone for a tuna melt instead (if I ate tuna...or bread).

Goodnight neighboring Los Angelians & friends on other coasts.

xo * Jessie

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