Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to make it in America.

When you're working on a show about America, it is easy to get patriotic. You see enough American flags and energetic fervor around them and you start to believe the hype. Which is a good thing. But America: Now and Here isn't just about hype and it's not about patriotism. It's about a dialogue and a conversation.

And it is probably not a coincidence that this song has been on repeat on each of my Apple music devices over the last several weeks.

Charles Bradley, I couldn't have started a more universally engaging conversation had I tried. Which I might have. But didn't have to. Cause this song does it so superbly.

Why is it so hard to make it in America?

Please enjoy Bradley's dance moves around 2:30 and 4:30 responsibly.

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mikesandbothe said...

We have had opportunity and security in the US throughout most of the 20th century. It's easy to assume that Americans "really don't have anything to complain about" or to blame ourselves for our failures and stresses. The struggles we have are largely concealed. Most of us really don't look different than the well clothed and successful generations of the previous century. Our consumer society makes it easy to access clothing and something that passes for food at a low cost -at least it seems that way. It's cheap at the check out counter. You can't tell by looking if someone is in over their heads with debt, has been forclosed on, has lost their marriage, or been abused. While some have gone relatively unscathed by recession and war many Amercians have struggled over the past several years. -Mike Sandbothe