Friday, May 13, 2011

Days Off, Kansas City Style.

For some people, the weekend is defined by Friday night through Sunday evening. From this general assumption of what a weekend means comes the phrase 'Thank God It's Friday.' From that phrase comes the ABC Friday night television sitcom series from many of our childhoods, 'TGIF' (do we not all remember 'Family Matters' and 'Step by Step' sandwiched between or around 'Full House'? Oh gosh, we sure do). But for those of us who are in production, the weekend comes not very often or not at all and certainly not on the days others might expect it to.

Well, this past Monday and Tuesday, I got my first chance to enjoy a 'weekend' in Kansas City. And enjoy it, I did.

Some highlights.

Loose Park. Oh, how I love a park. I love, love, love a park. I'd heard some great things about Loose Park. It almost completely lived up to its expectations.

Near the Kansas City Art Institute...sponsored by H&R Block (um, oh wow, really?!)...this amazing public art piece. The irony is debatable. The art, super cool.

I swung by my friend, Beniah Leuschke's studio. He is a genius. He is a wordsmith. He is an artist. He is awesome and though this moldy seat does his work no justice, his work is rad and you must check it out.

I love Kansas City. I love my KC weekends whether they're on Saturdays or Mondays or once a month or only from 11 p - 5 a in the mornings. I will take advantage of every moment of free time I have here. I will weekend it up every hour I have off.

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