Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I put the I--twice--in Missouri.

When I signed on to manage production for an art tour I didn't really know much about, I figured I'd make the best of seven paid months exploring America. I'd take a couple of road trips on my days off, get to know the landscape of the Midwest, and write long entries into my yet untitled book during long nights to myself.

Three weeks ago I moved to Kansas City, still unsure of the city's placement on a map, let alone which state it belonged to.

Kansas City has turned out to be the kind of place that surprises you. It's not near the ocean and the street signs are poorly distributed. People are slow and they seem to want to talk rather than rush you through the line. Favors are asked in person and new friends drop by with gifts of strange fruits and common candies.

There are, amongst the barbecue establishments, a number of great restaurants in Kansas City. There are more independent coffee shops than Starbucks per the average block. People introduce themselves and then they run into you again and again and they probably remember your name.

I am currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. I am here for America: Now and Here.

The journey starts here. It starts on Friday.

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Amber Avines said...

Wow, it sounds delightful! Sign me up for a trip to Kansas City. I'm in!

And, of course, best of luck on the America: Now and Here tour ;-)