Sunday, June 06, 2010

Culver City ArtWalk. I came, I saw, I took pictures.

What's cheaper than art I can't afford? Taking pictures of my favorite pieces that I can't afford and posting those pics here for posterity. Almost like having them on my walls. But much, much smaller and only visible on my Mac Book. As opposed to, ya know my walls.

N.B. There is a picture of a small boy in here. He is NOT an example of something I'd like to have on my wall. Do not get the wrong idea. But he did play nicely with my god-doggie.

N.Very.B. Galleries repped below include Carmichael Gallery, LeBasse Projects, Corey Helford Gallery, and Thinkspace, amongst others. Stop by and support all of them! The Culver City arts community is incredible and deserves the city's attention.

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