Monday, July 27, 2009

Food Find: The IV Group's [OC] Brunch

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of going to an amazing brunch in Orange County for my friend Sarah's (Pink Cloud Events) birthday. The pleasure, of course, being fully derived from the brunch and not at all from the trip to OC. In fact, had I known that the brunch was outside of LA County I may never have made it.

The IV Group, the catering arm of Chef Felix G. Barron, IV, hosted its second brunch of the summer and myself, along with 29 [mostly stranger] others, were treated to his incredible culinary creations along with open bar at his super fresh digs in Santa Ana.

From the flavored waters...

To the meat dishes that looked so good I nearly considered conversion back to the dark side...

To homemade ice cream sandwiches for dessert (may I give a special call out to the Twix flavored sandwich which I miss so much already--baby, you know I love you!)...

And everything in between (and there was so, so much in between)...each dish, served fresh, delicious, and family style, was worth its calorie count and, yes, even the long haul to Orange-friggin-County.

The next brunch is on Sunday, August 16th. It is $40 you won't regret spending. It is better than the Grand Slam at Denny's, I can tell you that much.

Find out about reserving your spot at Felix's next brunch!

[Images via iv group]

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