Monday, November 10, 2008

Do Good: No plans for Thanksgiving? Now you've got 'em. We're volunteering.

So, you're stuck in LA for Thanksgiving? Sucks to be you. But it sucks a lot more to be homeless. Or food-less. Or just really, really worse than you think you are because you can't afford a plane ticket out of here. I'm hoping that realizing you're not that bad off even though you had to sell your last bit of Prada on ebay last week inspires you to volunteer with me this Thanksgiving Day at Gobble Gobble Give. We'll be hanging at your favorite spot for Indie tunes, The Echo, and getting food together for peeps who need it. Even more than you.

Want to sign up to volunteer? CLICK HERE.

Interested in donating either supplies (clothes, toiletries, day-of cooking necessities) or money? CLICK HERE. (And remember, just $5 or $10 can go a long way.)

Do you work for a company that might have product (shirts, food, etc) to donate? Email me at

I'll be there. You should be too. Looking forward to seeing many of you on T Day.

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