Friday, November 28, 2008

Heaven is a can of pop.

16 oz. Diet Coke cans. They've been on the market now for a couple of months but seem to arrive in stores just to taunt me with their disappearance weeks later. Today, I hit the jackpot in a Silverlake liquor store. I've stocked up. Apparently, the cans are a limited time test run for the brand. I am hoping the company's product development team comes to its senses and makes it a permanent staple in the Diet Coke collection. Addicts like me everywhere are crossing our fingers and counting our remaining supply.


Beb said...

Coke Zero comes in those tall boys too!!! COKE ZEROOOOOO!!!!!!

Jessie B. R. said...

No. Freakin. Way. Please provide me with a list of retailers so that I may raid their stocks immediately.