Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you out there, Rotko Petric?

In 1978, Rotko Petric created this sculptural piece of art. Rotko was in Kansas City from Yugoslavia. From what I gather, he was studying here. He knew KC artist Jim Leedy and Leedy, founder of the Leedy Voulkos Art Center, the hub of our America: Now and Here installation, kept this piece in his collection.

Walking through the Leedy Voulkos this week, I was informed that Petric's whereabouts are now unknown. Yugoslavia, the one-time kingdom, to later become 3 iterations of a Federal Republic, to finally become nothing of its former self, swallowed up any trace of Petric and the Leedys have heard nothing of the artist in years.

All that Kansas City's seen of Petric recently is this eyeball, atop a beautiful, armed, asymmetrical body of blue. Fantastic.

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