Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ride or Fry. A vegetarian-friendly food truck revolution.

Food trucks are to restaurants what the made for TV mini series are to film. An inferior substitution. That's in general.

But Dante Fried Chicken food truck isn't anything general. It's like a teenage mutant ninja truck. Awesome. And super powered. And, um, anthropomorphic?

I tried out DFC last week at the Adidas Blue Launch Party. What could possibly have led a vegetarian to step within several feet of a fried chicken truck, you ask?

How about we start with the fried soy chicken. Then let's move on to the weekly variety of Cheese 'Mac Up.'

Then let's discuss how DFC is more than a truck--it's a multimedia experience.

Dante is a real guy. And he hosts a real little web show where he cooks with emerging and not-so emerging artists. Like Santigold, Major Lazer, and other Mad Decent characters.

In an interview, Dante says that 'DFC’s mission is to be a catalyst of interdisciplinary art, dance, music, design, community culture and cuisine.' That is such a sexier mission statement than wanting to serve fusion Korean tacos with no overhead and less frequent health inspections.

Follow DFC on Twitter and get your grit on.

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Amber Avines said...

Fried soy chicken? I'm so on that, JBR! Thanks for the tip, my veggie pal.