Monday, February 07, 2011

Oh my stars. Susan Miller at the Beverly Center today!

Normally I wouldn't promote an event at the mall. That's so--ugh--pedestrian. And a meet and greet, no less. I mean, what am I--a teenage girl going to meet Bieber at the Wetzel's Pretzels?

Okay, maybe today I am.

Super on-it astrologer Susan Miller will be offering 10 minute sessions with customers at the Henri Bendel location inside the Beverly Center to celebrate the store's fragrance collection.

Am I going to get bamboozled into buying a scent I probably don't want? Maybe. Might I wait in line longer than is dignified for a woman my age and with the amount of work I have to do today? It's likely. Am I going to go? You're damn straight I am.

Fragrance Fortunes by Susan Miller

Get a one-on-one 10 minute reading at a Bendel’s near you.
First come, first served.

Monday, February 7

Beverly Center
Los Angeles, California

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