Saturday, October 02, 2010

My mother vs. my astrologist.

Last night I sent my mother my astrology report with some urgency. I either must purchase the furniture I've been needing for my home office set up this weekend or wait until November 18th. Any time in between just wouldn't be right according to astrologer Susan Miller. If this specificity on the part of my trusted foreseer does not indicate wisdom and insight I don't know what does. And at such a timely interval when I had just been discussing a furniture purchase.

My mother's reply to my email went something--no exactly--like this:
"What the heck is Venus retrograde, & where did you get all this bull-shit from?!? I hope you didn't pay "your astrologist" for all this info. re: office furniture!"
Which leaves me in a pickle I'm sure you'll agree. Trust the stars? Or trust my mother?

What would Jesus do!? He'd run to IKEA asap. That's what I think he'd do.

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