Thursday, April 29, 2010

This summer. Food, film and the great outdoors.

In case the Hollywood Forever cemetary screenings have gotten too crowded for you, you're tired of chasing down food trucks on the street, and/or you just need an excuse to gorge yourself on popcorn, there is a new outdoor screening/eating/lounging around fest in town.

The Outdoor Cinema Food Fest will launch this summer, with free weekly screenings at Exposition Park. That's that park near USC that you may have passed on your way to a nearby rave or the butterflies at the Natural History Museum at some point. But anyway, it's big, it's grassy, and it's about to be home to what the Fest's website is currently calling 'LA's Top Food Trucks.' Hmm.

Despite the shroud of vagueness concerning the food, the schedule of films is listed and it's a doozy. The fest opens with Avatar, includes other recent hits like The Hangover and Twilight and gets a little old school on us with classics like The Breakfast Club and Fight Club.

Sold. I will pack my extra salt for the popcorn now.

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