Friday, April 30, 2010

Cheap eats, great views, & spicy guacamole at the Yamashiro Garden Market.

Hidden right above the tourist-riddled streets of Hollywood is the Magic Castle. And hidden right behind that is Yamashiro Restaurant. (You should note that hidden just a bit further up the hill is free street parking.) And on Thursday evenings (at least for the summer), the sprawling Japanese Restaurant and gardens are home to an outdoor farmer's market which is spectacular--not for its produce offerings--it hosts less than some of its counterparts--but for its atmosphere and the sweeping views of the city. Not many other of LA's farmers markets can boast a hilltop perspective of miles and miles and miles of cityscape. Nor, lovely Japanese exteriors. Nor a wine bar (nice!). Nor a Japanese style taco booth, courtesy of a Yamashiro's chef where guests can enjoy $6 tacos (he hooked me up with a pretty nice vegetarian alternative) and wasabi-laced gaucamole.

Enjoy one night this summer. I highly recommend the experience. If I were the type that gave experiences stars, I'd give this one 3.7 gold ones (4 if I'd had a blanket to shield me from the wind up there).

See you at the Yamashiro Garden Market on a Thursday soon, I hope...

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the actor's diet said...

oh good to know there is a veggie option for my husband! thanks for the review.