Monday, March 09, 2009

M83 takes to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Phil in tow.

On Saturday night M83 took to the stage with the LA Philharmonic at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. If you’re not familiar with M83 (and I was not), it’s electronic music—sometimes gloomy, sometimes dancey. If you’re not familiar with the Walt Disney Concert Hall, it’s the big, Frank Gehry-designed metal flower on Grand Avenue in Downtown.

Not knowing music, and certainly not knowing M83, here are my thoughts on Saturday night’s performance…

* I tried to take a picture of the hall. I was quickly instructed by an eager, young usher that flash photography was not permitted. I asked if I could turn my flash off. He said no, all photography was prohibited. Um, get it straight usher kid! You’ve now proven yourself a liar. And me a sad, photo-less guest. Which is a real lose-lose situation.

* I went to the bathroom and took this picture in defiance. Take that Frank Gehry and your team of snot-nosed ushers!

* M83 is essentially Anthony Gonzales in front of multiple machines with flashing lights (no Kanye West reference implied).

* The music made me think of ecstasy.

* I wonder how many people in the audience were on ecstasy.

* I wonder if Anthony Gonzales was on ecstasy.

* Anthony Gonzales gyrated with those flashing machines like I only do in my bathroom when no one’s watching and the radio’s on really loud. Hmmm, maybe he was on ecstasy.

* Adrien Grenier was there. If Adrien Grenier likes M83, maybe I shouldn’t like M83??

* When M83 left the stage after Part 1 and the LA Phil, led by conductor Julian Kuerti, came on, I am pretty sure I heard someone shout ‘yay, real music!’ This is some ignorant sh+t. Even I know that.

* Here is a video of the last song of the evening, which was my favorite. Apparently someone managed to sneak a recording device past the nazi ushers. Enjoy.

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