Sunday, March 01, 2009

Food Find: Mastro's, Johnny Rockets and Jer Ne at the Ritz.

From five stars to french fries and back. A weekend's adventure in overeating...

Saturday afternoon—about 3:00 p
Johnny Rockets on Melrose

A friend and I dove into this ‘50s themed burger and malt chain for some ice cream. About 10 minutes into our visit, the staff broke into song and dance. I am still not convinced (despite the below picture) that I was not hallucinating.

Saturday night—9:00 p
Mastro’s in Beverly Hills

Scott and I headed to the famed Beverly Hills steakhouse to celebrate his birthday. Supposedly the steak is great there. Scott’s was overcooked and I don’t eat meat so I guess we’ll never know. I would give 4 and a half stars to the gorgonzola mac and cheese (pictured below), however.

While the staff at Mastro’s don’t sing, nor dance, they do whip their own cream. Perfect for cake…or other things.

Sunday afternoon—12:00 p
Jer Ne @ The Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey

For birthday celebration Part Deux we tried out the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey's brunch at Jer Ne. View: peachy. Breakfast: pretty good. Desserts (all 5 of them): f-ing phenomenal.

In an effort to burn off some of the weekend’s calories, we took a walk through the Marina Del Rey Parcourse, courtesy of 1975.

I don’t think my walk along the 10 inch high balance beam completely negated the weekend’s edibles, but I do feel a little bit better about the leftovers consumed Sunday evening—7 pm.

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