Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ashlee, Pete Wentz and Jr.-to-be get artsy.

Tonight kept me in downtown for a post-work outing to the preview reception for artist Futura's first LA show. Ever. It should be noted that to many people, this is a big deal. Futura is a NY-based graffiti artist with pretty far-reaching acclaim. Had I ever heard of him before? We'll leave it at 'maybe.' But a whole lotta downtown art fans and East side hipsters were more than a little excited to crowd into the pop-up gallery at Main and 6th for a siting of the man himself, his fancy fans and a look at the $4,000 -$42,000 pieces on the walls. For those of you to whom $42,000 seems pricey, you've got to was the first time Futura had drawn a perfect circle. So OBviously, it's going to cost you a few extra thousand. We learned that earlier in the evening Shepard Fairey (Obey founder, artist, dj, and all around decent fellow) had been by to make a pre-preview purchase himself. And while most of the remaining guest list was full of your average joe art enthusiasts, Ashlee Simpson, boyfriend Pete Wentz and their baby bump did make an appearance as expected. We'd been given strict instructions that Ashlee was not to be photographed. And even after quite a few at the open Belvedere bar, we held onto our ethics (which are usually quite flexible) and covered our media lenses in respect for the mom to be.

After leaving the beautiful people and the beautiful art, I headed home. To be reminded--as I narrowly escaped abduction by a strange little man who followed me the 3 blocks from my car to my apartment--that my current life and assets are worth, well, less than a 10' x 10' abstract canvas.

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GraffHead said...

Great recap of the Futura show opening reception. I was there, but did not realize all the other things going on besides Futura's art work.

I took a few pictures if you are interested.