Sunday, September 28, 2008

7-Eleven percolates the vote.

7-Eleven has long been my stop for diet coke, late night snacks (though, god-forbid, never the hot dogs) and even, on occasion, overpriced meds. And though the brand earned some buzz last year for the well-executed and well-publicized Simpson Movie's Kwik-E-Mart stunt at stores across the nation, that is as much as I thought about 7-Eleven, the convenience stop for teens, truckers and munchie-seeking stoners.

So, yesterday, when I drove off Freeway 73 to grab a much needed coffee on route to Orange County, I didn't expect to pour my latte into a politically charged coffee cup. But sure enough, 7-Eleven is getting in on the campaign action along with the rest of the country.

I got to choose my presidential nominee before choosing my brew.

There were sleeves available to show anyone who might glance over that I don't just drink coffee, I am also politicallly active--a socially responsible caffeine consumer.

I chose Obama. And the iced pumpkin latte.

Deliciously democratic. Thank heaven for 7-Eleven.

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Anonymous said...

i dont know what i love better, the awesome picture of yourself driving and drinking from an obama cup, or the fact that you were dexterous enough to handle, driving, drinking diet coke, taking a picture, AND looking fab.