Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time for change.

Barack Obama just accepted the Democratic nomination. I'm not sure why anyone's surprised. It would seem a shame if, after a year of campaigning, Barack decided that the position wasn't for him. If, after a year of accepting donations, he decided that presidency seemed overwhelming--that wouldn't culinary school or an MFA in creative writing be just as fulfilling--and no, he wouldn't be accepting the bid to be the US' first black president. Well, anyway, the so-called 'breaking' news has people just thrilled. Even Hillary Clinton--who, by all logical reasoning, should be miffed--seems to think Obama's the candidate this nation needs. While there are things I don't love about the O Dog--he talks a little too deliberately for my tastes--I too hope that he makes it all the way. The White House could use a little black in it. After all, it's Labor Day. And everyone knows that white in the fall's just tacky.

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