Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another year gone. Older, but back in action.

I'm back to blogging as part of me is convinced that someone out there might be interested in my life. I, myself, am constantly stimulated by myself. So, perhaps you will be too. Since I've last written lots has happened, but most crucially, I've had another birthday. I'm 27 now, still unmarried, living in a studio apartment in Koreatown. And many would count me amongst a demo most popularly referred to as old maids. I would just refer to me as really fucking unlucky.

Here are the flowers my boyfriend was so sweet to bring me on my birthday. A few red roses aren't going to erase the wrinkles starting at my eyes, but it was a lovely gesture.

Beside entering my late 20s with a debatably small amount to show for it, I've not wanted for things to keep me busy and out of my 15 x 15 so-called apartment this summer.

I checked out some of LA's new supposed hotspots. Here we are at the opening of The Kress. What the club lacked in cohesive design, class or modesty, it made up for in size...really, really big size. I guess this counts for something?

I checked out SA Studio's Righteous Kill pop up space in Downtown. Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol and a couple hundred bad ass tatted guests were in the house to celebrate DeNiro and Pacino's newest film project. I don't think that any of us could tell you what this film is about. So much for experiential marketing.

Amongst the guests was a rep from the bad-asses of tomorrow club. Too f-ing cute.

And what would summertime be without some impulsive and irrational spending. That is, if you don't consider the purchase of designer diet coke bottles rational. Damn you Patty Field for so slyly using the phrase 'limited edition.' Nothing says 'buy me immediately with no thought of practicality or your dwindling checking account' like 'limited edition' tacked on to a product description.

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