Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life in clubLAnd: Studio Apartment

I rocked out last night. No, seriously, I ROCKED out.

6:30 p - Early Bird Dinner compiled from items purchased on recent trip to Ralph's, as well as found [food] objects from the fridge.

7:30 p - CSI Miami marathon...all watched on my computer. Who knew the autopsy doctor was popping prescription pills!?

10:30 p - Suze Orman's tips for the Young, Fabulous and Broke. Read from the comfort of bed.

12:00 a - Pass. Out.

Listen, it's a tough door at my studio apartment. I'm not promising you can just waltz right in and enjoy the most rocking spot in clubLAnd. But slip a twenty to the bouncer and who knows. Next hot night...probably tonight.

Well the sun goes down and the clock says eight,
I better get dress cuz i don't wanna be late,
I don't wanna be late-cuz there's a lot to do,
I'm gonna change my clothes,
Put on my stiletto shoes,
Put on my eyeliner and my lipstick too,
So c'mon- we're gonna party till the break of dawn.
- The Eyeliners

[Image Credit: Getty Images]

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